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Memorable Moment from the Y2K Tour
Tigger's Mongolian Feast

Sparky:  "Hey, Dave - do you want to have some Chinese food tonight?"
Tigger:  "I love Chinese food!"
Sparky directs Tigger to the closest "pseudo Chinese" restaurant available - the Mongolian BBQ.

Tigger walks in the door - looks around and sees long tables of food and empty bowls.  Others are taking the bowls and filling them with food. Raw food.  Not cooked. Hum....Tigger scratches his head and looks around for the cooked stuff...not there. So, ok.  Grab a bowl and fill it up. First table - meat.  Take some beef, some pork, some veal, oh, there's some chicken - take that - and lamb - and, great, take some scallops, some shrimp, some lobster, some salmon some...hum, my bowl is pretty full.  But look over there - there are vegetables and some spices and oils - wonder how you get those? No more room in this bowl...better ask Sparky. 

Sparky looks at Tigger's bowl of meat... "What have you done?  You're not supposed to do that! You're supposed to take stuff that goes together, add spices and oils and then have it cooked by those guys over there!"

Tigger:  "What?  How was I supposed to know? I'm not a cook!  I thought we were getting chinese food...I'm not paid to be a chef....I'm a golfer...I just eat!  "

And so, with no other recourse, Tigger took his bowl of raw meat & fish to the fry cooks. He got the wierdest looks from them and others who noted his strange culinary tastes. He ate it all.

We're still trying to figure out how that would have tasted...


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