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We hope to promote golf etiquette and respect for course rules. There are also some things course managers could do to speed up play and make our experiences more enjoyable. We understand that some courses want to promote the tradition of the game - when course information was "in your head" and not available on paper or with GPS or course marking systems. But with the popularity of the game rising to new levels and with the tremendous influx of new golfers, there are some concessions that perhaps should be considered.

Here are some suggestions from the TWO GUYS and from viewers of our website:

1) PROVIDE DIRECTIONAL ROAD SIGNS - Especially if the property is not visible from the highway. Can't play it if we can't find it!

2) MARK TEE BOXES PROPERLY - Correct yardage markers (especially on par threes) and a map of the hole with hazards pictured helps immensely. If the tee boxes are large or if they are rotated for conditioning purposes, it is especially important to have at least 1 GAM or yardage marker in the tee area so the correct yardage could be eyeballed or "stepped off". This should be a "given". The most effecient system features a yardage or color coded block on each tee box.

3) YARDAGE MARKERS - To speed up play and make our club selection easier, here are some suggestions:

  • - A VISIBLE 150 yardage stake in the middle of the fairway (even on courses with great yardage marking systems) or on both sides is a great help - especially to inexperienced golfers or for those playing your course for the first time.
  • - !00 and 200 (150 also if no stake) yardage markers (VISIBLE) in the middle or on both sides of the fairway are a MUST. 250 yard markers are also necessary on par fives. 
  • - Marked sprinkler heads are very helpful. Systems with sprinklers marked to the front, middle and back of the green are the latest - and extremely appreciated.
  • - 100, 150, 200, (250 on par 5's) VISIBLE MARKERS ON CART PATHS are of great help. This should be mandatory for courses with cart path only rules, or when inclement weather dictates "cart path only". This will help with club selection. How many times during a "slow" round have you seen golfers wait for the person in front of them put 4 or 5 clubs away because they had to carry half of the clubs in their bag to their ball, due to insufficiently marked fairways/cart paths? This is especially a nuisance for golfers when the ground is wet! No one likes to put their clubs down on the wet ground. If the cart paths are not properly marked, we have to take a few clubs or risk having to come back to the cart to get the correct club - or worse yet - take a shot with a club which we know is wrong because we do not want to further slow down play. Help us out here!

4) PIN PLACEMENT INFORMATION is extremely important. Sometimes there is a one or two club difference on an approach to the green, dependent upon whether the pin is up, middle or back. Different colored flags are great and easy to discern - but there are many adequate systems ( PP sheets, indicators on flag poles, etc.). PLEASE have one in place and let us know what it is when we pay our green fees, or have the ranger inform us at the first tee.

5) If your course is using a GPS - PLEASE do not make us depend on it. Some golfers resist this technology and would prefer the other course marking systems. Also, these systems are not always dependable and break down during storms. PLEASE have the other marking and PP systems in place for those golfers who do not want to rely on GPS. It is a great tool when you are confident in it's accuracy - but is not quite yet proven to all
golfers. Thanks!

6) Provide enough rakes near the sand traps, so that we can take care of business effeciently. Larger bunkers need more rakes!

7) Please provide enough drinking water stations. Two or three stations per nine are needed.

8) Any of us who have been stuck with an unusually slow round have gained an appreciation for rangers. Please see to it that one patrols the course, particularly on a busy day, to make sure one or two groups are not slowing down the day for all of us. A courteous and well-timed reminder or suggestion is usually well taken.

* These are suggestions which require nominal investments and will ease the frustrations of many golfers, speed up play, help us to enjoy our round,
and encourage us to play your course again. Pros have caddies that know
EXACT yardage and pin information. We need YOU to provide that info for us!


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